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About InterTOP

InterTOP is the International Teaching of Psychology Network, whose mission is to foster international communication among teachers, scholars and researchers in the field of psychology teaching and training; see http://www.interteachpsy.org/. InterTOP has sponsored conferences in St Petersburg, Russia (2002 and 2008)  and in Foz de Iguacu, Brazil (2005).

About APEN

APEN is the Australian Psychology Educators Network, which is also the Teaching, Learning and Psychology Interest Group (TLaPIG) of the Australian Psychological Society; see http://www.groups.psychology.org.au/tlpig/. APEN is interested in all aspects of tertiary and secondary education in psychology, from policy to practice.  Membership of TLaPIG is open to both APS and non-APS members, and to both tertiary and secondary educators.
  An interest group of the Australian Psychological Society University of New South WalesThe School of Psychology, UNSW


International Teaching of Psychology Network